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Ben Nashman, Founder and CEO of Synex Medical

Toronto, October 27 — We’re excited to announce that we have raised US$5.25 million in a seed round to develop a non-invasive blood monitoring technology. The funding was led by Accomplice along with returning investors Radical Ventures and angel investor Naval Ravikant.

Synex Medical was founded by CEO Ben Nashman in 2017 with the vision of providing people with constant data about how their bodies are functioning. Our unique approach uses magnetic resonance, the same underlying principle as in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in a miniaturized system that can non-invasively measure critical metabolites like glucose, lactate, and ketones in real-time.

As Ben points out, “Every day I eat and drink, sleep and exercise, and do a hundred other things that affect how I feel and perform. But I do all of this without any idea what’s really going on inside my body. It’s like driving a car without a speedometer or fuel gauge.” To fix that, Ben set out to build a wearable device that would tell a user, in real time, how their body is performing by measuring the metabolites that affect everything from weight gain to athletic performance to the likelihood of developing diabetes. …


Synex Medical is building the next generation of non-invasive health monitoring technology.

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