• Neha Shukla

    Neha Shukla

    15-year old student and innovator @TKS leveraging science and emerging technologies as a catalyst for social change. Website www.thesixfeetapart.weebly.com

  • Sarah A. Downey

    Sarah A. Downey

    Operating Partner at Accomplice. Formerly of Ovuline & Abine. I’m an angel investor, writer, lawyer, gamer, & liker of sci-fi & the Enneagram.

  • Neil Mitra

    Neil Mitra

    Neil Mitra is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Mitra Biotechnologies. He is passionate about biotechnology and it’s scalable impact in social equity.

  • Tina He

    Tina He

    Making sense of the future with people & pixels

  • Nurul Aman

    Nurul Aman

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