Synex Onboards Co-Founder and Former CTO of Whoop

2 min readNov 17, 2022


John Capodilupo, Co-Founder and former CTO of Whoop, is joining Synex Medical as President.

Boston, November 17 — We are thrilled to announce that John Capodilupo, Co-Founder and former CTO of Whoop, is joining Synex Medical as President. The decision to expand the executive team comes a few months after the company quietly raised over $5M USD earlier in 2022.

John Capodilupo brings ten years of experience to Synex. Alongside Ben Nashman, Founder and CEO, and Andressa Lacerda, VP of Operations, the expanded executive team will continue to focus on building towards the world’s first non-invasive glucose monitor.

“I’m excited to be joining Synex on this inspiring mission. I’ve been amazed at the progress the team has made in the last few years and can’t wait to jump in and help bring this ground-breaking technology to market.”

– John Capodilupo

“John has been an early supporter of Synex, and I’m looking forward to working with him full-time. We’ve been meeting regularly over the past year and both agree that now is the perfect time for him to jump on board. John comes with years of experience for how to bring complex technology to the hands of millions of users, and I couldn’t be more excited to have him be a part of our mission.”

– Ben Nashman

“We are very fortunate to have John joining the team. The executive team has very complementary skills, which will allow us to continue to make great progress in building this amazing product and company.”

– Andressa Lacerda

This expansion to the executive team is a natural next step. As we get closer to achieving the Holy Grail of non-invasive glucose monitoring, we continue to grow our team with incredibly talented individuals.

Synex is planning to go to market with the first FDA-cleared tabletop device that non-invasively measures blood glucose levels, using next-generation magnetic resonance technology. The goal is to first cater to individuals who live with Type 2 Diabetes.

About Synex Medical

CEO Ben Nashman founded Synex Medical in 2017 with the vision of providing people with actionable data about how their bodies function at the molecular level. Our unique approach uses magnetic resonance, the same underlying principle as in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), in a miniaturized system that can non-invasively measure critical metabolites.

Since 2019, we’ve grown to an incredible team of over 25 engineers, scientists, and operational support staff, located between Toronto and Boston. Our growth is expected to continue in 2023 and beyond.

At Synex, our mission is to make predictive healthcare a reality. We believe that people should have access to accurate data about how their bodies are functioning so that they can be proactive about their health. Our goal is to provide consumers with a compact non-invasive device that provides that data.




Synex Medical is building the next generation of non-invasive health monitoring technology.